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Judul Ecohydrology in Indonesia: Emerging Challenges and Its Future Pathways
Penulis Haryani, G.S
Jenis Terbitan JURNAL
Nama Terbitan Ecohydrology &Hydrobiology
Volume/No/Halaman   19/2/112-116
Kota Penerbit
Abstrak The wealth of inland water resources and the endowed rich aquatic ecosystems in Indonesia are exposed to intertwined risk drivers, i.e. land use change related to the growing population and urbanization, and the adverse impacts of climate change. Recent advances in the wide range of applications of Ecohydrology aimed at sustainable use, reduction of risks and regulation of water and nutrient cycles from molecular to basin scale in Indonesia were developed and are presented. These vary from ecohydrological approach for the aquatic environmental management to obtain maximum benefit of the lake aquatic resources sustainably, through efforts to improve the aquatic carrying capacity, efforts to solve the water deficit due to land use change in the catchment area, and initial identification of several urban lakes in Jakarta Megacity area. An attempt to relate Ecohydrology and disaster risk reduction, especially the slowly approaching ecosystem disaster, is highlighted in view of addressing the emerging opportunities in Indonesia


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