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Judul The Battle Ground For An Integrated Approach To Conservation And Disaster Risk Reduction
Penulis Haryani, G.S., Jan Sopaheluwakan
Jenis Terbitan PROSIDING
Nama Terbitan International Conference on Ecohydrology (ICE)
Tanggal Konferensi
Volume/No/Halaman   0/0/1-18
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Abstrak The increasing frequency and intensity of disasters, and this will likely be continuing in the future, has compelled both the developmentalists and environmentalists to narrow their gap perceptions and practices, in that development and environmental sustainability can be achieved constructively. The existing conservation and preservation mindsets have to be comprehended with the disaster risk reduction approach which requires specific hazards, vulnerability and risks asessments, notably with respect to man-induced ecological disasters and the natural disasters, of which the ecological disasters are normally creeping in their nature with an escalating impacts. Uncontrolled urban sprawling in Jabodetabek region has a severe implication to the ecosystem. Heavily degraded aquatic ecosystems in Jakarta Urban region, the Citarum, Ciliwung and Cisadane Rivers, and the buffer zone of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve have increased vulnerabilities to escalating ecological (pollution, erosion and sedimentation, and the loss of biodiversity) and induce more severe hydrometeorological disasters like flood, drought and landslides in Jakarta and the upland villages and towns.This paper will address the importance of conservation, preservation and improving the ecosystem services of our river watersheds and biosphere reserves within the context of disaster risk reduction. The combined approach of West Java watershed – biosphere conservation and Jakarta urban disaster reduction may well represent a major breakthrough not only in the paradigm shift but also in integrating both mainstreams into a total resilience of the region. The role of ecohydrology is highlighted herein


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