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Judul . Effects of peat fires on the characteristics of humic acid extracted from peat soil in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Penulis Yustiawati, Y. Kihara, K. Sazawa, H. Kuramitz, M. Kurasaki, T. Saito, T. Hosokawa, M. S. Syawal, LindaWulandari, Hendri I, Shunitz Tanaka
Jenis Terbitan JURNAL
Nama Terbitan Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Volume/No/Halaman   0/22/2384-2395
Kota Penerbit
Abstrak When peat forest fires happen, it leads to burn soil and also humic acids as a dominant organic matter contained in peat soil as well as the forest. The structure and properties of humic acids vary depending on their origin and environment, therefore the transformation of humic acid is also diverse. The impacts of the peat fires on peat soil from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia were investigated through the characterization of humic acids, extracted from soil in burnt and unburnt sites. The characterization of humic acids was performed by elemental composition, functional groups, molecular weight by HPSEC, pyrolysate compounds by pyrolysis-GC/MS, fluorescence spectrum by 3DEEM spectrofluorometer, and thermogravimetry. The elemental composition of each humic substance indicated that the value of H/C and O/C of humic acids from burnt sites were lower than that from unburnt sites. Themolecular weight of humic acids from burnt sites was also lower than that from unburnt sites. Pyrolysate compounds of humic acids from unburnt sites differed from those of humic acids from burnt soil. The heating experiment showed that burning process caused the significant change in the properties of humic acids such as increasing the aromaticity and decreasing the molecular weight


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