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Judul Annual Water Quality Condition of Cisadane Downstream West Java – Banten
Penulis Aisyah, S
Jenis Terbitan PROSIDING
Nama Terbitan ICE 2014
Tanggal Konferensi
Volume/No/Halaman   0/0/405-413
Kota Penerbit
Abstrak Cisadane River has many functions and values for human life and aquatic biota. Human activities which utilize the river and dispose of waste into water bodies has decreased water quality from year to year. Based on a survey conducted on early research, 100% of respondents (180 people) agreed that nowadays water quality of Cisadane River is in bad condition. They stated that Cisadane water is not proper to be used directly for daily purposes, such as for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing. But some of them (56.67%) still use the water for washing the clothes and bathing. This study aimed to evaluate the changes on water quality conditions Cisadane downstream from year to year and its quality status. Water quality data usedare from 2008 to 2013 that was obtained from Water Resources Management Center of Cidurian-Cisadane. Field survey were also conducted to retrieve physical data. In this study data were collected from11 sampling points. Water quality parameter used are pH, total dissolved solid (TDS), conductivity, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Chemicaloxygen demand (COD), hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Orthophosphate, Fe, Pb,Cu, Zn, andCr. The data were descriptive analyzed by compared datawith water quality standard according to PP No. 82/2001 about waterquality management and water pollution control. The results of data analysis showed that concentration of water quality parameters were fluctuated in every year. The value of temperature, turbidity, conductivity, TDS, hardness, pH, DO, nitrate, Pb, Cu, Zn and Cr. still meet the water quality standards criteria of Group II (Government Regulation No.82/2001) inevery year. Meanwhile, COD, nitrite, orthophosphate. Fe and microbiology parameters represented by Total Coli already far exceeded of water quality standards criteria of Group II. General the Cisadane water can only be used for criteria of Group III


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