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Judul . Zonation of Endemic Ichthyofauna Conservation Area in Ancient Lake Towuti, South Sulawesi
Penulis Nasution, S.H. dan S.Aisyah
Jenis Terbitan JURNAL
Nama Terbitan LIMNOTEK
Volume/No/Halaman   20/2/207-216
Kota Penerbit
Abstrak Lake Towuti is a tectonic-oligotrophic (A= 56000 ha) located in Malili Complex, South Sulawesi and has been designated as a recreation park. This lake is one of the ancient lakes in Sulawesi. There are 29 fish species from 13 families in Lake Towuti, 19 species are endemic. All of the endemic fishes are recently utilized by people around the lake for consumption (fresh fish, dry fish and salty fish). On the other side the fast growth offishing activities especially used a dipnet (“bagan”) namely instrument unfriendly environmental increases number, in 2007 totaled 19 and in 2009 had reached 30 piece.An increasing number of dipnet that are operating in the waters of this indicates a threat to fish populations endemic. There are indications that Lake Towuti has been biologically contaminated. Considering potential threats against endemic ichthyofauna of Lake Towuti enough redoubted, then information about the ecological parameters already collected should be used to designate and map conservation area zoning endemic ichthyofauna.This research was conducted in Lake Towuti from 2009 to 2011 at two zones (Kawatang and Tominanga) at six stations respectively. Fish sampling using experimental gill net with four mesh sizes. Making zoning map using ArcGIS 9.2 programme. Thematic map obtained of endemic ichthyofauna ecological side of value-based score of endemic biota.Based on the results of the scoring against the distribution of endemic ichthyofauna in Kawatang zone, the station that has the highest score (five) is in the Kawatang downstream, while in Tominanga zone is in Cape of Bintu


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