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Judul Runoff, discharge and flood occurrence in a poorly gauged tropical basin: the Mahakam River, Kalimantan
Penulis Hidayat
Jenis Terbitan JURNAL
Nama Terbitan PhD thesis bidang Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
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Abstrak Tidal rivers and lowland wetlands present a transition region where the interests of hydrologists and physical oceanographers overlap. This thesis aims to improve methods to monitor, model and predict discharge dynamics in tidal rivers and lowland wetlands, by focussing on the central and lower reaches of the River Mahakam (East Kalimantan, Indonesia), and the surrounding lakes area. The 980-km long river drains an area of about 77100 km2. A significant tidal influence occurs in this river. The middle reach of the river is located in a subsiding basin, featuring peat swamps and about thirty lakes. Backwater effects and tidal influences may prevent the option to predict river discharge using rating curves. H-ADCPs offer a promising alternative to monitor river discharge. Discharge can be predicted several time-steps ahead, allowing water managers to take measures based on forecasts. The flood occurrence map derived from radar images can offer a detailed insight into hydroperiod (the period in which a soil area is waterlogged) and flood extent of the lowland area, illustrating the added value of radar remote sensing to wetland hydrological studies


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